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Very good portrayal of romance. Good writing. I felt the degree of uncertainty and the giving in to supressed feelings.
I enjoyed seeing the budding friendship turn into something more. Good job!
Sorry I guessed the ending before I got there but this is a great love story. You have a gift for telling a story. Keep writing!
I'm so glad you "hinted", -- I really enjoyed this. You write very well.

I did see the ending "treasure" coming from the beginning -- but it didn't take away my anticipation as I saw the story unfold.

This is a really good romance genre story.
I like this--it's got unexpected elements for this genre: your couple isn't young, and they've been around the block--but still they've found love! Super!

I found some of their dialogue toward the end of the piece a bit stiff, but easily tweakable.

Great title, too.
Very moving and wonderful love story. I really enjoyed reading this one. Good work
Great job discribing the shared pain of divorce and the scars it left on their hearts. I thought the dialogue was stiffled only a little -- but that emphasized the tention of the moment.
What a pleasant read. I like how this relationship developed. Very well written.
This is exquisite writing! You have awesome powers of description here. I could not only see the scenario unfold, I was right in the midst of it, like the music, weaving in and out between the two characters. You did good, Gal!

I also wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your taking time to comment on my stories. Thanks, Friend!