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What a wonderful story! I don't know a single mom that hasn't felt this way at least 100 times in her life! You did a great job describing her feelings.
God is a romantic. We fail to realize it sometimes. Wonderful story. I could feel Angela's misery and her surprise in her husband's plans. Good writing.
Enjoyed reading this and identified with this mothers' feelings-I can't wait to show this to my husband to give him some ideas for a "surprise" getaway!
I loved the feel of this story--a true marriage romance! Great writing.
The only thing I can see is a 'run on' sentence in the third paragraph. (really it's the first paragraph after the first two seperate sentences) Those are easy to look over when you are writing and telling a story.

Other than that I got swept away in the mood of the feelings of a normal wife and felt elated at her husband's romantic thoughtfulness.

Kudos to you! :)
Fantastic story! I enjoy you gift for writing!
A most welcome surprise (and a quickly answered prayer too!) I'm so glad that Angela was able to get it all sorted out and a nice romantic weekend to boot. It did seem a little rushed when she just prayed, dried her tears and got up, going about so quickly after such a sudden breakdown. Then again, she is a strong character. Just a thought. Good writing! ^_^
I really enjoyed this story. You expressed those emotions familiar to so many of us very well. I liked how the character gave her problems to God. And it was a wonderful ending. Good story, good writing.
I chuckle at the character names only because my husband is Tom and his first wife was an Angela. This was romantic and the cry of every mother of preschooler's heart! I'm not strong in grammar but in the beginning I saw a "She'd had" and I'm not sure if that is correct. I also thought the beginning told more than showed, yet I can't think of how I would have written it differently. This was a sweet romance and I'm cheering because her needs were met!