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Not the sort of situation I'd like to get caught in! Very visually told, I can see that pesk grasping its goose egg even now. :-) yeggy
Wonderful! And poor little guy, I just fell in love with him, so determined to help you out despite his nausea.
Great visual images. This was very entertaining. You have a couple of sentence frgaments, but overall, it's well done. Thumbs up.
To say this stinks--here--would be a compliment. I could certainly smell the stentch just from this vivid description.
Great writing. I could even see the twinkle in the eyes of the skunk. Very well written story here!
Oh, too funny. A very enjoyable read. Your descriptions are great and the writing very believable. One note - if you have her thoughts in italics, it's not necessary to add "she thought". Good job!
Well, since I'm a farm girl, I could relate to your story. "Those pesky varmints" can be a nuisance, can't they? This was very well thought out and delivered. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Fantastic with all the right elements, perfectly mixed, for a great humor story!
Oh my -two of the worst smells together? no wonder he was sick. A few small typos (when the Three Stooges were introduced -the sentance was broken up). But wonderful images -thankful we couldn't smell it too, lol
Very pungent story here! :D Funny situation and good writing! I enjoyed reading it1
I'm a country girl, can relate to skunk stories. Good writing, good descriptions of animal reactions. As we say in Minnesota, Uff Da !!!
I'm saving this for my wife, she'll love it. She's been there and done similar. Thanks for not telling us how it ended with the skunk but the washing at the end was a good "the rest of the story".
God bless and keep writing.