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If you come back to this, instead of telling us about what he said in his sleep, tell us his actual words...let us share in the laugh!

Glad the talking-in-one's-sleep wasn't a deal-breaker. This was fun to read.
Good that you learned early on. No more sleepless nights wondering. Good story.
Nice story. Mine talks too. (been in fear of space ships filled with applesauce before)
Nicely told. I'm a sleep talker, and I love to hear my husband tell me what I was talking about. Great idea for your humor entry. I enjoyed reading your tale.
Hee-hee! Good ending! :) I can empathize with you, as my husband used to talk in his sleep, and he would say the weirdest things! :D Very creative idea for the Humor topic!
This was cute and could almost fall into the "mystery genre" as well. In part in reminded me of the MC in a "Beautiful Mind" - who knows what's going through their brainy heads anyway? Good job.