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This is a difficult thing to write about--thank you for sharing it! It is a good reminder that God is faithful to give us things to be thankful for even in tough circumstances.
I think you wrote the character well. There was some mild confusion in that first paragraph as I tried to place the names of the characters. But once I got that cleared up, I sat back to think about the emotions of the main character. I thought it was interesting that you didn't dwell on the pain of the rape as she couldn't change that, but you gave her a strength to accept the child, be thankful for her life, and to wait to see how fate would seal her chance of happiness with the person she had loved. I think you accomplished this pretty well given the limit amount of words you could use here.
Great descriptive writing and dealt well with a difficult subject. It was confusing at first for me too. You could have had her in her own home simply babysitting her nephew without all of the extra names. In such short fiction the idea is to keep the number of people and the number of settings as minimal as possible. Well done with this, I enjoyed reading it.
Agree with the statement about limiting the names. I'm still not absolutely sure that I have it sorted out LOL It was well written however and it is an excellent topic that needs to be written.
I agree too many names, I could not keep up with all of them. Keep writing though, the theme was the best part.