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What a detective! (I mean, "What? A detctive?) Funny.
When I first started reading I thought maybe you'd missed last week's challenge. LOL!
I found this very funny, and I can just imagine Miss Terry's face as the two students were being interrogated and the tone of her voice with that last comment. Well done.
Great writing here! Love every word of it!
Quite clever!

A little tightening here and there would benefit this lighthearted caper, but all in all it's quite delightful. Lots of great sentences to love.
So cute and fun! Definitely gave me the giggles.
This is really clever, charming and funny. I loved the paragraph of positive reinforcements the detective had received in the past and the description of the suspects. Great job. I hope you do really well!
Your gift for writing really shines! Delightful and fun read!
That was a thoroughly enjoyable, fast paced read. Very witty. Wonderful vocabulary. My only quibble: one run on sentence: 'Through utilizing my impressive skills of deduction, well it’s really more like subtraction, the suspects in the class were quickly whittled down as I do not have the time or patience necessary to interview 22 second graders.' Short sentences heighten the tension and keep the reader pushing forward. I don't think you'll be hanging around in beginners for long. yeggy
A delightful offering. Thanx.
Absolutely loved it. Great style. Great "detective" character. Definitely wonderful writing. Enjoyed it very much. Pam
lol -this could have fit in Mystery as well :)
What a fun read! I love the "criminal" names you gave the two little boys. Very well done.
Great narration, alliteration, and pace. Quite funny, and an all around fun read!
Very funny and with a nice bit of mystery to boot. I wish the mystery element had been drawn out a tad bit more (but that's just the detective in me! ^_^)
Cute wordplay with the names too.
Very clever entry--I loved the skills of "subtraction.!
Very amusing. I'll bet he was in the doghouse with Miss Terry for awhile
A few speedbumps, but I enjoyed the entry. Very good job. Nice story development, a little work on presentation and this would be even more entertaining. God bless.
Congrats on your win!!
This flowed so quickly and showed a geat deal of "witful" skill. Congratulations on your win!
Congratulationss on your ribbon and EC placement. I guess I'll be seeing you in Level two.
I really liked your story by the way. Very clever.
I enjoyed your story! Your character is great! Any potential for a series??? Congrats on placing second!
Iloved this story!