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Neat idea. It would be good acted out. It loses a little in just reading it. It will take the characters to really give it punch. But I can imagine it would really be funny when performed.
Funny subject here! Get me some actors! Keep writing!
I would love to see this performed. Great satire.
This was hilarious. Congrats on the win.
Clever, creative and humurous. Congratulations on your placement!
Wow--that was incredible writing. What an imagination! I laugh at all the politcal correctness going on too.
Great writing! Very creative!It was well written and though out. Congratulations on your placement!
Congratulations David on this story winning level one and placing in the EC. Very impressive. You are a talented writer.
David, I really enjoyed this. As a fellow Australian I can see exactly where you're coming from. This is a wonderful piece of comic drama that takes PC to it's 'ill'logical, but nevertheless scary, limits. Wonderfully creative and finished with a great play on words: 'Politically Cracked.' Says it all. yeggy
Very clever! Congratulations on a great piece--you certainly deserved the win!
You're too modest. No wonder it won. It's very good.
Can't believe I missed this first time through - SO glad I saw it now! You are GREAT at this! :D
Congrats on the placing! I loved it the first time I read it.
This entry is an absolute crack-up. Well done. Having suffered from depression in the past, I found 'Gauntleys Inverted Exhilaration Graph Peaks' a most amusing way of dressing up the condition so that it sounds like a nice experience!
Very funny.
LOL LOL. I love the one about "Post-human mass" that's "The least-best senerio".
That one really got me!
Awesome work!