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I could definitely picture this series of events, and it's funny, all right! Your casual writing style helped to establish the informal, narration tone. However, it can still take some edits and revisions for spelling and word usage. You don't want to totally lost the youthful "voice," but you do want to polish it a bit so that you don't lose readers who are put off by errors. Keep writing and practicing, and reading other examples of work with a strong "voice"--you'll do fine.
I've been stuck in a lot of places, but a toilet is a new one. Where was your mom when you needed her? TeeHee!
Very funny. You have a great sense of humor, never lose it. My father, brother and nephew are plumbers. I've heard dozens of bathroom stories. This one measures up there with some of their best. I'm glad you have this great sense of humor "what" is great attitude.
If I had been your mom I would have pretended you were a neice I was shopping with (LOL)! Great story. I too liked the style you wrote it in, it really fit the situation.
I could picture this whole scene. You did a great job describing it. Very funny!
Oh, my - I can't believe that actually happened to you! I think I would be totally embarrassed if that happened to me...
Funny! I believe it. Can't make them up. Thank you for your comments about my story on partial birth abortion. I tried to get it formatted correctly, but it kept running everything back together. So, I just left it as is. Glad you like it. Thank you.