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Self-deprecating humor is my favorite kind, so I really appreciated this one!

I wonder if you could bump up the giggle factor a bit by describing the actual falls--your arms spiraling through the air, a coyote-like howl escaping your lips, that sort of thing?

Hope your limp has fully recovered--and your pride!
It's always funny later--or to someone else. A look back on our lives can bring a good chuckle.
What a morning! A good idea taking something that was a disaster and turning into a humerous story.
Good Story, well told. As a writer all experiences are fodder for a tale that makes days like this one especially good. Unpleasant as the actual events may be they provide a life time of stories. Last November I was being honored (along with several other people)at a formal event 200 miles from home. I forgot to pack my dress shoes. I had white sneakers or bed room slipers to go with my dark green suit and no time to look for a shoe store. The slippers turned out to be the best choice and a story worth retelling many times. Use your bad day to its full advantage retell it often each time with a new flair. It will bless many readers.
Great story here! I tried not to laugh but it was a humor story! I can identify many times over with this! Good writing.
Wow, god one. I have to admit, I didn't try to keep from laughing. As someone said to me yesterday, "that first step's a doozy."