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Funny, funny! I was waiting for the doorbell to ring and the pastor to appear on the stoop. Oh, well. Mother got a good laugh. And so did we.
Lots of fun bits here--the whole second paragraph, the half a wet tee shirt contest, the prancing puppy. Really cute.
This was so fun! Thanks for the wake-up better than coffee.
Still laughing--Isn't it great how God gives us everyday situations to use in our writings? Great story!
Absolutely splendid. I got a great laugh out of this. Very well done! Bravo!
This was a fun one for sure. That second paragraph especially gave some excellent descriptions. Solid writing. Great work!
Good Job! :0)
Nice. I liked how it began and ended the same.
I cannot imagine anyone describing the scene as well as you did. This was delightful and way over beginner level. Thanks for the day brightener!
Hilarious! I'll never approach cleaning the refrigerator again without remembering your story!

Great job!
This is wonderful! A through joy to read from beginning to end. You related the situation and the emotions with just the right amount of exaggeration with phrases like 'pond slime accumulation'. yeggy
Humor at its best! Delightful, charming and ROFL!
Hehehe -yes, another Lucy lady! :) Great descriptions, I was cringing right along.
I agree with Edy -- this was way over beginner level! You did an awesome job with this. Very, very funny, and the descriptions were priceless, as noted -- prancing puppy, half a wet T-shirt contest, the pictures of her looking like "Lucy." Wonderful read. I hope to see this in the winner's circle. Blessings, Cheri
I really enjoyed this piece as I was judging; in fact it was one that I chose to read aloud to one of my family members. You did a very effective job of portraying the hose as a living snake. Your writing style really drew me in, and I have quite a vivid mental picture of your struggle!Congratulations!!
Blessings, Elizabeth
This was a delightful story, which you told excellently--one of the best at any level this week!
Laugh aloud funny! Very well written with great detail and description--I could picture this whole scene! And congratulations on third place.
LOL funny. I love it, I personally think it's worth 2nd place! I have had some "I LOve Lucy" Moments myself.
Could totally relate!