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Thank you for sharing this insight into a missions trip and the right and wrong attitude to have. I could sense the impatience in your opening paragraphs.

I loved the part where you found the people waiting patiently and, not only that, filling their time with praises to God. That would have been humbling in itself.

I also liked the sentences "Performance was my song. Obedience was theirs." Good lesson here for all Christians, not just musicians. Blessings!
You did a fantastic job on this. Everytime I hear about a missions trip I hear how grateful the people are. You captured both the missionary and the people well. Those last few lines--wow! Mesmerizing.
Oh, I really enjoyed this, from title to awesome ending! You did an excellent job in telling this story with vivid descriptions of the people, setting, emotions, and situation! Powerful message, too! Great writing! :)
Great testimony. I've always said, "Humble yourself, or God will do it for you!" This piece shows exactly that. Good writing.
A wonderful testimony to God's ability to take our willingness and transform it to His use and for His glory. Well done
Super story, and the last line is absolutely perfect.
Great story and great reminder. I like the description of spirit-filled, but with the wrong spirit.
This is really good. It read so easily. I could picture everything as it was happening -- I really felt "there." Great last line, too.
This is an excellent story of how the Lord works in our lives to teach us His humility. Good writing!
Excellent story, excellent writing. Loved the ending line.
Great writing, good messsage. Sing and give praise, even as we wait. Thanks, I needed that today!
This reads as better than Beginners, Angela! Great detail and such a humbling, relevant message. I truly enjoyed this.
I especially enjoyed your fourth paragraph, with your version of "spirit-filled Christian." Your story is entertaining, and yet makes some excellent points. Nice job!
Spoken in truth; rather written in truth. The character sagaciously admitted to their arrogance. The mark of a Christian willing to be guided to Christ's wisdom. Wonderful message. Great job.
What a great ending (or beginning)"I'm changing my tune." My prayer is that I'm always willing to "change my tune" to be in perfect harmony with Him. Thank you for sweet inspiration.