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I didn't know this was true in Australia. Thanks for that information. Sometimes, it is a blessing to be thankful for things we don't have, and you have certainly impressed those things. I really enjoyed your write. Thanks for sharing.
Sometimes americans think we are the only nation to struggle with the melting pot of different cultures. I like the way this was written. To recognize what other countries deal with and to remember while our own countries struggle to, there are things in each country to be thankful for. I just felt it was written with a clear head.
I too, enjoyed hearing information about Australia. Your article was very informative. I also enjoyed reading about the person who shared Jesus with you. There were some spelling and grammar areas that you may want to watch. However this was a nice heartfelt presentation of your personal thanksgiving.
I agree, as a fellow Australian (I came out when I was 10 with my parents) we are very lucky and no where near as grateful as we should be. Interesting how god bought us or our parents to Australia and we became his children. Your poem flows well. It makes sense. You say what you want to say clearly. Some things you might want to think about. You don’t give God a capital letter but you do give Calendar one. (Same with lord of lord, king of kings, especially as these are titles. Punctuation:? needed after awesome is that. Comma between No and my. Calendar miss spelt BTW. These are just little things. Don’t let them discourage you. You express yourself well.