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Very emotional piece. I sense pain coupled with healing here. Very good! (Watch your "to"s and "too"s however.) You are very good at showing the emotion needed.
I agree; you have a good grasp of painting emotions. Try slowly rereading for spelling errors. I think where you have "tears swelled" maybe use "welled" instead. Good job! Keep writing to His glory!
I saw a lot of emotons racing through this article, showing good writing potential. My comment would be to "flesh out" the characters more by use of dialogue and scene setting.

I relate to the emotions here, I am going through some emotional stuff myself. After 22yrs of marriage he walks out and our divorce was just finalized.He goes on with what he wants to do I have convictions, I am a christain and don't have the liberties he does. Music is healing, I have been taking guitar lessons and singing to the Lord is refreshing to my soul and emotional scares. Thanks for writing your artical, you never know who you will touch.
Proof that God can break through the sound barrier that surrounds us, no matter how high the decibel. It is not so much the perfection of our words that make an article effective as it is the anointing He places on it for the intended reader.