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I had four tornado's! LOL! I can relate to your story. Wow! I did find the italics a little distracting as a reader, but that's just me. You kept me entertained from start to finish. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future.
Good writing. I walked all the way through the store with you, and felt your embarrassment. Good ending comparison.
This was well done. Your title caught my attention and your description "barn owl woman," etc., was very creative. You did put me right there, pushing that cart. Been there, done that, thanks for the reminder. This story would have just been another sweet, cute story but for the application and takeaway. You gave us a gift that we will remember long after the sweet story is gone. Nice work. You've got talent.
You tied the three components of your story with a great conclusion.
'the barn owl woman' is representative of secular judgment upon us when we are faced with getting into trouble. the child portrays us in pursuit of what is not always best. The mother symbolizes our Lord gently coming to our rescue, singing, 'Jesus loves me this I know...' Great word pictures. I was led to laughter in your description of 'the barn owl woman'. Great job!
Great story. I followed you with the cart also, but from a distance, laughing all the way. I liked many of you phrases, such as "lowered herself as a parent". Great flow. Keep writing and God bless.
A cute and believable story and you wrote it well. Nice work! Love the title
Wow! I loved your story, I didn't see the end coming.
I was captured by your title and enjoyed the whole read! I appreciated your ending message, too!
Great story! I'm living this now with 4 kids so I could relate. Most of all, I enjoyed the symbolism of the story, and its wonderful message. A lot of excellent writing on this website. However, I'm most intrigued by the stories that keep me thinking afterwards. Again, very well done.