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Very interesting comparison. Good sentence structure. I think this will be one of my favorites.
Good article. And so true.
A very valid comparison and you wrote it well. I enjoyed reading this and the lesson was clear. Nice work
I "shop" like you; however, I am a man. And there's nothing wrong with the way you "shop", only makes sense :) - good analogy to shopping as Christians and so true. God bless and keep writing.
I shop like you do too, and I'm a female! Who would have known there were actually two of us out there - lol! Great comparison, gets a person to thinking about what kind of shopper they are in their Church life.
Nice work! I like the lessons in the second half - great comparisons between shopping and church-going. Made me go, hmmmm. :)
Interesting and thought-provoking essay! I enjoyed reading it! :)
You want to say what you wrote in the concluding paragraph, but it doesn't represent what you filled into the article. If it is a question and challenge, the body doesn't work. If it is a sermon, the ending doesn't work. This is a very good piece with a lot of potential in the writing, quite a lot. The problem is the voice beneath is not consistent. The ending feels like an apology for the writing in the body and takes away from the whole. I think the ending is the real point, and the body where you felt on this issue or as a writer. Yet, there is some real goodness, star quality potential, in the writing itself - showing great promise in the writer. The conflict seems to show a conflict in the writer, and God bless you for that - and best of luck in resolving it. If I'm way off, please forgive me and discount my words. If this rings true, a bless you from me and a true wish for you to keep writing. A writer without conflict has little to say. A writer whose conflict shows in the material structure, as it appears an unconscious thing is working something out. When it appears conscious and intentional, power strikes at the reader and makes them pause in awe. From your conclusion, I think this is what you were going for. God bless you for that, and for writing here at FW.
This definitely made me think. Great analogies here! Gave me much to think about.
Solid piece! I especially loved the last line--Thankfully grace abounds. Good job!