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You did capture the feel of "The ScrewTape Letters" very well...I enjoyed it very much! If you are a beginner, look out advanced group!! *smile*
A nice write on an adverse subject...sad thing is, its so true to life. I will try harder to stay away from this attitude...we all need to so it won't take over. I believe your BEGINNER status just went to advance.
You captured the Enemy's desire to devour anyday dedicated to the praise and worship of our Lord. As Christians I think we forget that everyday should be full of Thanksgiving, if we all lived that way how much harder would it be for the Enemy to get his rotten hands on the Lord's day!
The dialog was sharp, witty and the satire keep me reading. You managed to preach the message and yet made it taste like....well, like turkey? Great job
With your permission I would like to print this story and hand it out to everyone who caomes to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner this year....great write....gave me chills.
Looks like a winner to me!
Very good it made me laugh but it had all the truths in it
Hey, and your a beginner! I'd better move back some notches! A really enjoyable story. No wastage and a great end. Loved 'Mudgroveler' and 'His Royal Sulfurousness'. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving but your picture made it very clear. Well done.
Enjoyed the play on words. But sadly realized the truth as well. Keep on writing.

Excellent! In fact, so well done I would not be suprised if you get a little note of encouragement from Deb Porter suggesting a little posting-relocation. :0) Keep up the good work.~LG~
Excellent work. I loved this piece. Beautifully done!
eek, i could almost smell the sulphur, you use your craft well. i love all the imagery and you put a new slant on an old subject. keep up the good work. blessings kazza...
Wonderful story. Easy to see how this relates to what is really happening in this country.
Congratulations Jan - and yes, Linda Germain was right. It's time for you to move on up to at least Level 2. You are definitely ready for it. I gave our Editors' Choice 2nd Place winner (Amy - another Level 1 entrant) the option of moving up to Level 3 or just to Level 2. Basically, the same goes for you. Amy has chosen to move up in stages, but I'll leave that decision up to you. One thing's for sure, you don't belong in Level 1 any more. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
I'm not one to much like stories on what might be going on in the spirit world. But I'll have to honestly say I enjoyed this one. You made it believable, interesting and unique.