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I liked your story, well done. A little work needed on your grammar - would be a good idea to read it through sometime after you've written it before submitting to pick up on things, but otherwise very well done. Keep writing!
I like how you wove in the salvation message here--you could have expanded it more, but I love how Lydia introduced the subject of Jesus. More people are looking for Christ than what we sometimes think. Good job and keep writing!! =)
She certainly got a great bargain! Lydia's story is one that I always wished had continued. I liked hearing more on how she lead a fellow woman to Christ. Great job with this! ^_^
This is a good story, and I like the way the message is woven into it.

I also would like to see it expanded a bit, maybe a little more description ... the heft of the basket, the softnes of the linens, the cool refreshing water.

I enjoyed the read. Keep writing, you're doing good.
A very nice story of discipleship! Good job - keep writing! Blessings, Jo
I enjoyed your unique approach to the topic by writing about women merchants sharing the message of Christ. Some of your longer sentences could possibly be broken down into two or restructured for better clarity. Again, great job on your creative perspective!
Creative take on this! I love this "additional" info on Lydia. Neat stuff!
A very nice story! I really liked the way you tied the message into the tale. Good work
I always love anything I can read on Lydia! Well done, especially the last line. Powerful way to end. Good job!
I love it! Great story! Keep writing for Him!