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What a tangled web we weave... I'm so glad that God knows how to save us from ourselves. Good thought here.
Well told.
Thank you so much for your story. I've lived one just like it in my past. Fortunately God wouldn't let me go. Every word you wrote describes so beautifully how much He loves and wants us in His plan for us. Please keep writing. God Bless you even more.
I read this piece because of the eye-catching title. I expected humor, but I got much more. It was powerful. I thought that you were going to say that you met your husband-to-be in this dance between the aisles. What a thought: that, if the Devil were here, he'd probably look pretty attractive because he is the King of deceivers and masquerades as an angel of Light. I'm going to start looking! Of course, you make a much more sound point here: your salvation came because of your repulsion and fear for such a creature. This was well done and had a super message. Keep up the good work.
I was caught by your intriguing title and stayed on to read your well-written and insightful piece. Thank you for sharing this story!
The title brought me in, but your excellent prose kept me. Thank you. This was a very well written statement of faith.
Very good I know God will do all sorts things to get our attention,BRAVO!!
A very well-written story and a wonderful testimony as well. I could imagine this journey easily with your skillful words. Good job