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This was a good journey through your thoughts. Well done - thanks for sharing!
I can just feel your burst of excitement come through your story! I have to tell you this story ministered to me - my own young daughter who got married in last May found out she is pregnant and was not happy - scared and wished it was later in life - to see that you totally have accepted God's blessing in your life is tremendous! My daughter is getting there but now I have a glimpse of the excitement soon she will have and that fun world of babies. Keep writing as you can see that you know how to add the emotion to your piece. The only suggestion I would have is to spell out the word and. :)
I could see as you began to grasp the fact that a baby would make changes in your life. Good writing. Keep it up.
As a Grandfather this was refreshing. I have only "viewed" the other side of the equation and wondered. Thank you.
Oh, and the squeal at the basketball game, believe me everyone knew what it was about.
God bless and keep writing.
I like the way you journeyed through your thoughts about your baby-to-come. You gave us a sort of update of your emotions to your acceptance of the new life that God has gifted you with. Thanks for sharing.
This was a talented story in the way you wove your apprehension with the upcoming excitement as well as the knowledge that this is a lifetime event, something that will color your future...and change things...forever. Speaking as one who had her first at 22 and had to interrupt college to do so, I understand. In the hospital I got frightened. What did I know about taking care of a newborn? In a day they'd be sending her home with me! Well, I just picked up my Dr. Spock book and read it. It empowered me. If she's wet, change her. If she's hungry, feed her. If she's tired, put her to bed. Yep. Can do. There's plenty of time, later on, to sort out: should kids have play guns? Should we own a t.v.? How old should she be to date? What's her curfew? Congratulations on a new baby and a good story!
Took me down memory lane. Your rapid, short sentences and flight of ideas through the full range of emotions produced a viceral story. Fun to read. Thanks for your story.
I just wanted to say BEFORE I read the other comments attached to your story that I think that you will be a great Mommy and your husband will be a great Daddy.

I am a guy so what I have to say next MAY sound kind of "sissy" but your article made me weep. It was right on the money with the subject but with just enough "Ummph" to make it personal.

Now If you'll excuse me, I have to go wipe my eyes, blow my nose, and read what others have said about your piece.

Writing is more than just about chosing the right words, but in telling an interesting story as well.

You've done both. Great job
and God's blessings on the expected new arrival!
I can feel the wonder and excitement in your words. How wonderfully you have conveyed your feelings. Well done
Karen, this was delightful. There is nothing like that first amazement of finding out that you are expecting a baby. I loved the way your friends reacted when you told them at the game. At your age, you would be one of the first to have a baby, and so your friends are going to love this time with you.

Your excitement bubbles over in the way you write each sentence, but I love the way you show how everything is completely new and amazingly foreign to you. That's what made this so delightful.

From a Challenge point of view, you probably missed out a bit because you only touched on the topic of "shopping" so lightly. The judges on duty each week rate the entries in nine different criteria (you can find out more about these by visiting the FaithWriters Message Boards). One of the rating criteria is how well an entry fit the topic, so because "shopping" wasn't the central theme of the article, that would have let you down. But don't let that stop you. This was a joy to read, and brought back a lot of memories for me.

Keep writing, honing your skill, and rising to the Challenge. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and Editor, FaithWriters' magazine)