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Everybody's grandmother seems to have been a quilter. But, each article is unique in itself. This is a good thought. Watch the it's (it is) and its (possessive).
I particularly liked your 2nd paragraph, with the different colors evoking different memories and images.
This is a good tribute to a grandmother. Your imagery is very good. One little thing to remember: "It's" always means "it is." Possessive "its" does not have an apostrophe.
Love the first two paragraphs especially. Great description.
Great wisdom expressed here and strong writing as well. I enjoyed this!
Very nice word picture, and nicely written. Thanks for sharing it
I'm so glad you hinted! This is a lovely story. I liked your descriptions of the colors, and this is a wonderful line: "Even the thread has an important role in holding it all together, without this aspect everything would fall apart.
Likewise in my life God is the thread that holds it all in place". You could work on your punctuation some, but other than that, this is very good!
Very well done. I love your descriptive words and how you compare the qiult and its important parts to identify how the Lord works in our life and holds us together. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece. Thank you also for your fdbk on my song,"If It Wasn't For You". Please check out my piece for the crafts entry challenge as I wrote a quilt story too entitled "A Quilt of Praises", in the beginner section of course as I just joined FW in January 2007.God bless and keep up the writing. :0)