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Good thought. Good writing and good comparison to our walk with Christ.
Great job of showing this woman's feelings throughout - I was with her the whole way. A great lesson, too! A bit more description would add some polish to this piece, but I enjoyed it regardless! Keep writing!
I like the analogies the narrator makes between quilting and her own life. Nice job!
Very, very nice. Good analogies and a very descriptive piece. Thanks for sharing it
Delightful! I love the casual conversation with God - it reminds me of how I pray. The lesson - or I should say lessons - are good ones, and well "pieced together". :) Great job.
I really like the idea of a constant conversation with God, but I wonder if it'd flow more smoothly with some pauses for description of the action. As it is, we jump rather disconcertingly through time.

The relationship between the narrator and God is beautiful, and the life lessons she learns from the quilt are lovely.
I loved how smoothly the process went for her from doubt to gratitude. Very well done!