The Official Writing Challenge
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Wonderfully done! Lots of fun in here. Great job!
Cute. Good angle on sewing.
This made me smile when I read it. Love the analogy. Great job!
This is fun and cleverly written, from the title to the last two words. Your brevity is refreshing, as well.
This was very cute and cleverly done. I liked the refreshing candor about walking around with a taped hem. The best part was learning how to kill people, then learning how to mend torn uniforms. Ironic. (Oh, one thing that's easy to remember: the period goes inside the quotation marks, not outside.) Keep up the good work!
Wow! Paula, I loved it. A wonderful, humorous story followed with an excellent message. It's refreshing. I've read so much on this website that is well written, but it lacks a point...a message that makes Christians think and grow. This has all that and more. Congratulations!
Sorry about the "a" above... a typing error that turned you into a female. Talking about "faux pas"!
Such a guy thing! My sons do the same until they can bring things to me. You told it well and I loved the Biblical principle. Congrats on First Place!!
I told you so. Now, perhaps you'll believe me when the rest of the world "tells you so". You're good! And I've never faltered from my opinion. More! More! More! Don't stop now!
Another Home Run...Vicious shot, right over the center field fence...