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I like your work. The blood type was funny and I was thinking I would be Fx not F+. The Italian inflection is convincing for me. Good job c".)
I can relate to poor Nonna. This was a cute story and I could picture it easily. Nice job
A really good story that shared the heart of Italian family living. The light jabs at modern thought about families and health helped the story's relevance. A funny relational story that made me laugh! Thank You.
Humorous story with a good pov.
What a fun read. The great-grandmother reminds me of Sophia on the Golden Girls. The dialogue is very good. Kudos!
I really loved this story. It had a strong central character, a charming regional flavor and lots of humor sprinkled in. What's not to love? Grandma's precious! Seriously (ha) you have a real talent for humor, so I hope that you continue to develop that. This story's a winner with me!
Great tone, and really entertaining reading.

A minor distraction was the italicized dialog. Italics are usually reserved for emphasis, or to indicate thoughts rather than spoken words.

I feel as if I know your extended family after reading this--bravo!
What a great voice you have! And Nonna is an absolute gem. I was so there. I doubt you'll be in beginners long.
Thanks for the entertaining read. I enjoyed this very much!
This was one of my favourite pieces to judge this week! Well done on placing!

I loved Nonna - and I felt like I was part of the family as you wrote this.