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I can relate to your humor and honesty! I know there are plenty of times when my stupidity made God shake His head! I enjoyed reading this piece. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. Oh, yeah - I am glad you got your dream car too!
Entertaining article! Why is it that we sometimes ignore those obvious warning signs?! Glad everything turned out right. Joanne
Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign... blocking out the scenery.. breaking my mind.. LOL! This was wonderful!
Very nicely written .(Are you sure you don't want to step on up to at LEAST "intermediate" level ?) This was funny and held my attention. Very cute story and very good point. I'd say you have the "write-stuff" :0) Looking forward to more.
I really really really did enjoy this and it brought a smile to my face. Please continue on as you have a really wonderful talent.
I agree about moving up to the Intermediate level. Very funny (I laughed out loud the whole way through) and well written - you've definitely got the talent.
Oh - I'm glad you found your dream car but next time I'll hook you up with my husband. He's the most honest car salesman you'll ever meet. :-)
Great entry!
Thanks God for His protection! lol! Very good entry.
Loved your title, story, and humor. Well written. God bless you.
This is so funny and so true to life! I can definitely see myself with the death grip on the DEAL I found, ignoring the obvious signs and trying to make it work anyway. Bless you for a great message written with such humor. This is a winner!
Great writing . I laughed all the way to the end. I think stepping up to the Intermediate level is a great idea. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

So where did you buy the car? :-)