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Words well spoken. I love the emphasis placed on scripture. Keep writing for God.
Some great points here, and I really liked the analogy and the way you extended it and organised your thoughts. For me, it would have hit home harder to make some of the same points in a piece of fiction or parable - perhaps just an expression of my reading preference. Good stuff, and keep writing.
Very nice "walk" through these appropriate Bible verses. You really did some research here and it shows. Nice job
You have done an extensive job of research for this piece. It is so meaty! I found myself wishing that it was, somehow, broken up, perhaps into sections. I think that, if you did this, putting a heading on every section, that it would be a lot easier to follow. You have some TREMENDOUS points here! Of course they are: they come straight out of the Bible. I like the contrast from the physical emphasis to the spiritual emphasis. You've done a super job. Perhaps it's late and I'm tired, but I'd sure like these excellent points to be organized into sections for me so that I wouldn't miss them!
Excellent exhortation, and so full of spiritual truth! I would have loved a few examples from "real life" thrown in here and there, but this was very solid as is.
I agree with all of the above--great truths put together well, and tied in with the physical act of walking. I, too, would have enjoyed some fictious examples or ones from real life. Good job!
This has a lot of potential-I bet you could expand a bunch with this. Very well done, I enjoyed reading it and comparing it to my own life as well. Thanks for sharing! ^_^