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This is a wonderful account of God's blessing upon Bezalel and God's fulfilled promise to Bezalel. At times, the threading of Bezalel's thoughts were not easily followed. A tighter POV of Bezalel thoughts would give it a concise punch. Overall, I liked the exchange of Moses encouraging Bezalel. I felt Bezalel arrive to a peaceful conclusion in his heart that the Lord would see him through.
This could very easily be turned into a Sunday School lesson paper. Good work.
How amazing! :) I had just finished reading a piece on the Intermediate level about Bezalel ("In the Shadow of God"), and then I come to Beginners, and the first story I read is yours! I was drawn to your piece by the title and enjoyed the entire read. Thank you for sharing this!
I'm glad you told this story! I wasn't familiar with it and I was glad to read about it. This is nicely done. Keep writing!
Wonderful. Imaginative but so real, as if living the experience as it was being written or read. Thank you.

God bless and keep writing.