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Good comparison. Liked the analogy here.
Good thoughts, fairly well presented, leave a space between paragraphs for readability, pay attention to punctuation. You might find a challenge buddy will help you a great deal.
This would make a lovely devotional piece! It contains a very encouraging message, and I thank you for sharing it with us! :)
I like the message. This is my favorite line: "As he works, a little of him is left behind filling in the deep marks." Thanks for sharing, and keep writing.
Good article. I agree it would make a great devotional. As mentioned by Dub, the way it is set out is important for readability. Good job!
I agree with the other comments. Very solid writing, and some paragraph breaks will help for a smoother read. Keep up the great work!
This is beautiful! I agree that spaces would make it much easier to read, but the message carries clearly through just the same. I loved the part with 'crimson cleaner' that was so right. Good writing and thanks for sharing your gift! ^_^
Very nice, great message delivered powerfully. A few tweeks with mechanics and you'll be the bomb. Keep up the great work and keep encouraged. God bless.
My favorite line also was, "As he works, a little of him is left behind filling in the deep marks." Wonderful, eternal message. God bless and keep writing.