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Awesome! I think we all come to the point where we try to be what we're not in order to please others. I'm so glad that God uses us for his own special purpose. Thank you so much. I really needed to read this.
Great story. The short, fast paragraphs, punctuated with thought association, gave a frantic pace to the story and heightened the drama. I still can't bait my hook! Keep up the good work.
You captured me. When the voice of the clerk reached the woman, I, too had forgotten where we were. Very good.
This is truly a great entry. You captured the imagination and described the scenes so well that I too got lost until the clerk spoke. Well done.
One of the hardest experiences of my life was fishing on an Atlantic coast pier with 200 fishermen who all came from the same fishing gene pool. I recall thinking that being a fisher of men wasn't nearly as hard as threading a blood worm (that can bite, by the way) onto my hook. Your piece was delightful and I lived through every word of it. Thank you!