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This is very good. Your charcters dialogue flowed and made the passages realistic and relateable. Nice job. I relaly liked this.
Very nice. Good characterization. Well delivered message. One comment is you started quite a few sentences with, Clara. But, overall a very enjoyable story. God bless.
Oh, I liked this. It confused me, at first, whether she was actually speaking her thoughts aloud or not. I went back and realized you used single quotes for her thoughts and double quotes for her speaking. I would be clearer if you made the thoughts in italics instead. Great story. Keep writing.
Good job! A good way to share the Gospel.
An enjoyable trip down the "Roman Road"! I enjoyed this story. Nicely done and thanks for sharing it
Very touching - great dialog
Very touching - great dialogue. Loved the way the grandmother knew just what needed to be said :)
well written, made me think. The story kept me throughout, well done!
This was very good. I loved watching the transition of attitude unfold from resenting family to surrounded by family with the burial. She came full circle nicely.
A lovely story. Not sure of your word count, but "fleshing" out both the characters and their surroundings, would, in my mind enhanced the atmosphere of the piece. Not an easy task to do with only 750 words - nonetheless - good job.
Lovely piece that shows the influence a grandparent can have even when they are dying. Our ministry to others never has to end until we draw our final breath, and even then the memories linger in others to bless and inspire! Thank you for sharing this well-written and touching story!
Your story gave me chills, as I could feel grandmother's deepest desire for her grandaughter and the importance of gsthering her last strengths in order to guide Clara through Romans.
Very good writing! I would suggest you use italics when writing a character's thoughts. It makes it easier to distinguish and seems to be an accepted approach to writing "thoughts". Again, very nice story and well written.