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I liked this. It has a lot of meaning in it and I like the characters you chose to portray it.
Ah, this is true but I admit to being a "Megan" at times. A well-told story and I could really "see" the characters. Good work
This is an awesome story! Very well done! It sent shivers up my spine. How true it is!
I was definitely a Megan. Still am, I think. lol As a teacher, I'm likely to say you can never read too much, but that's not really true, I guess. lol A very round about way to say great story, and keep writing!
Good story - I'm a Megan too! I grew up very isolated, and read and wrote to escape that. I thought you could develop Megan a bit more - we only know she's hiding in her books because of what her Grandpa says. But I liked both characters, and the dialogue was very good. :)
This was sweet and heartwarming! I liked the character of Megan (sounds a lot like me!) and the interaction between her and the grandfather. Very well done!
The "Boo" was a great start to a very well done piece, the message, the characters, just very well done! Yep, I'm a Megan too...
Um ... well ... does this apply to writing too? ;) *sigh* I guess so.

You've captured these engaging characters so well we get to know them!

Well done!
well written, the story flowed and had a great lesson, well done.
A very nice story -good relationship between the two of them.
Count me in as yet another Megan! :) I could identify with her but would like to know more about why she lived through others' experiences instead of making her own. Great message in this well-written story! :)
I'm a Megan and am raising a Megan. I swore I would never tell my kids to put down the book, but have learned the truth in your story. Very well written with well chosen characters. Keep writing.
I loved the way you developed your characters. Great meaning too. Well done! -LaNaye