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Nicely done!
Well done & creative. I really liked the last paragraph.
Nice touch. I would that we could all rewrite our stories.
Ahh.. to have a book predict our future would be nice but the ending reminds us that if we follow God's leading we won't have to wonder about what to do. This is very nice work.
Good story.I liked the ending.
Oh, I've wished I could talk to the characters in the book also. I feel like yelling at them, sometimes. "No, no!" Hehe A few minor punctuation errors, but nothing major. I also wish we could have a book that tells us the effect of our choices. Great story. Keep writing.
Well done. How often have I picked up an old friend for some comfort reading?! I liked how you worked a lesson in us!
This was pretty good! I liked the idea, extremely creative, and very well expressed. You asked for constuctive criticisim, so I'll add my two cents worth of advice. I noticed a few grammatical errors like missing puncuation (check for question and quotation marks) The shift from the character in the book to real life was a little choppy, but believable. I wish I could have known a whole lot more about the characters, but they were very well done. Use more expressions and descriptions next time. Show instead of tell.
Keep up the good work! ^_^
I love the creativity here. A great message.
Very imaginative piece with a good message!