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FUNNY! Brings back memories. Thanks!
Back in the late 40's, when I was five, I had a cousin six months older than me. He was supposed to walk me to school each day. His favorite pastime was "losing" me as soon as we were out of sight of our homes. Thanks for the memories.
This was very cute.
I would expand this. Tell us a bit more of what happened. Did you ask your cousin how he knew how to read? Take us back, and try to remember all the details. Make up the ones you don't remember. We'll never know the difference. ;) It could also use some spacing, to make it easier to read. Great job for your first entry! Keep writing!
I liked the length of that - you said enough and did not need to labour any of the points and I could relate clearly to the point you were making.
This is a nice story and I felt like I could see this child's frustration. I would also like to read more. Thanks for sharing this
You have a nice voice:) It comes through well. ALso liked your humor. Break it into a few paragraphs for presentation and you have a nicely done story. Good job!!
That was a fun read! I liked the feelings you captured and protayed and would have liked to read more!
I loved it! "Short, sweet, and to the point," as the old saying goes! Thanks for sharing your memories! :)