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Agree, agree, agree. Wow! I love this piece. The story telling of your experience , first being excited to get away as us mom's like to sometimes and then to view something of beauty from someone who is suupively a great artist, to only have a blasphemy of our lord and Savior thrown in our faces. WOW again!:0) I like how you wove your beginning to your piece on what is art. I really was moved, not just in a pleasant eupohric sense but compelled shall I say to keep on demonstrating and molding our children in the way that God wants them to be. Great job! God bless your writing! Keep up the good work!
I can certainly relate to this story by a very similar incident. This describes wonderfully the height of your exhilaration of anticipatiom, only to be taken to the depths of disgust. Good writing and depiction of your experience!
The way you describe your experience really enabled us to step into your shoes. First, the disappointment at the art, and then the shock at the blasphemous use of the cross. Very well paced.
I agree with the previous review. I like how you told of your experience and used it as a springboard for your point of view. The storytelling section was very strong; I look forward to more writing from you like this.
I agree, what a fluid piece, and a wonderful story. You set it up perfectly.
Very well done. I read this with ease, was with you in shock at the images you saw and in agreement with your true message; we do have great power, either to create like our Father or pervert creation like Satan. Thank you!