The Official Writing Challenge
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I enjoyed your article very much and feel the same way about writing. To be entrusted with words that He has given us to write and share with others is a special thing.
Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I think many here can relate to you and the way that you claimed God's purpose for you. Your sincerity and godly motivation are plain to see. Keep writing!
I like the idea of having characters stored in your mind.

It's obvious that you have the writing skills--I'd encourage you to stretch a bit by adding some sparkle to your writing--humor, unexpected twists, experiments with sentence structure.

What a privilege to write for God!
I can definately see how you connect with writing never stop writing. God's given you a very special gift! Keep writing for him he will bless you!
Thank you for being brave enough to embark on your writing passion! It is difficult to admit that you like to write because it is foreign to many but it is so worth it to do what God has gifted you to do. Don't be afraid to take some risks with writing. For instance, how about writing a piece about that character box? Wouldn't it be fun to have each one jump out of box complete with all of their little idiosyncracies? Keep using and stretching your gift.
Great piece - I enjoyed this very much!
Thank you for sharing the most important reason for a Christian to become a writer: "Its part of who God created me to be and it makes me special. It is a gift that God has given me to be used in many ways for Him." Your second to last paragraph had some very wise advice, especially the part about staying close to the Lord and the consequences of not meeting with Him each day.