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I don't think that I will ever stir another egg into a receipe without thinking of hiding God's word in my heart. Well done!
Great entry! I love the use of the topic in this article, and you gave a great lesson with it. Well done.
Love the title and love the very true message in this piece. This was nicely done.
Very lovely devotional.

Just a suggestion--return to the cookies at the end.

This shows great potential.
good use of the twin concepts of baking and hiding. Very nice.
I, too, love your title and how it connects with your story and your message! My favorite part is where you encourage us to allow God's Word "to stir our hearts, to change our lives" so "that the world cannot separate us from the Gospel of Christ." I will carry with me the truth that we are to be hidden in Him as completely as the beaten egg is hidden and becomes part of the dough! Thank you for sharing! :)
Clever title, and a great job of melding your example with the actual lesson. I like Jan's suggestion of returning to the cookies at the end - would make a neat wrap-up. Thanks for sharing!
Jesus taught in parables, so I am especially fond of devotionals that begin, as you have done here, with a story-object lesson. It makes the message so memorable, as one commenter stated, that every time we find ourselves stirring an egg into the recipe, your devotional will come to mind. You won't be "Beginners" for long. You write very well. Now, I need to go find a cooky to munch while I read, as you made my mouth water! :)
Just what I needed to read today! great devotional writing!! Hope you submit this somewhere too!
Great devotional writing. I loved that you were able to draw the parallel between something so familiar as baking and something as important as memorizing scripture. In such a clear and concise way, too. Very well done.
I agree, you will not be in Beginners for long, and you should definitely source out some of the sites that are looking specifically for writing of this nature.
Thanks and blessings on your pen!
This is a wonderful devotional. Very good pov. Short and to the point.