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Great description and build up. You left me grinning, a fun read!
I really enjoyed this story! Wonderfully vivid descriptions--I could see and taste the spicy exotic foods and their disappointing versions in the cafeteria.

Was a bit puzzled by the timing of events--About the final description of the foods: beans, rice, cinnamon roll with sugar crystals, etc.: Was that the actual Mardi Gras meal a week later, or was it what the narrator ate by mistake a week early? Since he threw the "real" meal in the trash, I wasn't sure!
Interesting use of build up, of how anticipation and reality are often not the same.
So sad! I wanted to laugh, but was sad at the end how it didn't turn out as expected. A pretty interesting twist! Just a tip-add some extra spaces in between to make for easier reading!
Definitely a "writer with a great imagination" wrote this interesting and witty piece. To be more "reader friendly", put spacing between paragraphs. (If you're looking for win, place or show - Judges look for "clear point or message") The only thing I can figure the point being...anything FREE isn't worth the trouble? Hmmmm, still figuring that one out.
But very good otherwise.