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I loved this story! The title grabbed me right away. Wonderfully vivid and specific descriptions (my favorite is of the "brown sugar trail"). I could see the messed-up kitchen in every detail and feel for the sobbing little girl.

I could hear the second grader's "Eeeww!" when she tasted the vinegar on her shirt! Would have enjoyed reading more dialogue between her and the babysitter.

I like the message and the analogy of the vinegar and sugar to the child's emotions. Great job!
LOVED your story! Very well told and written, I could see the images clearly of a messy kitchen and a worried child. I loved the ending best of all. Great job!
This was fantastic, wonderful. You brought tears to my eyes. This is the kind of writing that doesn't stay in this level very long. Great work.
You really hit the mark, first with your title. Who wouldn't want to know more about "Vinegar Cookies?" You were able to pack what must be a lengthy story that brought the characters to the dusty sugar and flour trail into a required minimum of words and covered all needed information with great discription.
WOW! Very nicely done! I really like the brown sugar and vinergar comparison to life itself and could picture the little girl, reminded me of my own daughter. Keep up the writing! Lord bless your talent hon!
***********CONGRATULATIONS!***** (and your first entry for this quarter too!)
wow! nicely done. definitely deserves first place. I particularly like the descriptions, and even more how you brought in the sick little sister to evoke sympathy from the reader. nice ending too. I look forward to reading more of your work.
The descriptions were amazing, as well as the little side stories about the sister and the bully. It made it very realistic and easy to relate to. Loved it!
This IS cute - I can see why it won 1st place. Nice job with cookies.
I know this has been here awhile, but I'm new and am trying to read others' work, I really liked this article. Very well done. I stayed with the story all the way through and enjoyed it all. Good job.
Very well written and I loved the 'voice' to this story - I especailly loved the ending. I enjoyed all the characters and all the layers of this piece! A well deserved first place!
Julie, I don't know how I missed reading this one earlier, but I'm so glad that you posted this link. This is such a tender story, and very well-written.
I'm fairly new here so I'm just now reading some of the past winning entries.

I fully see why this one won. You had me laughing and crying.

Very nice writing style. Easy to read, follow, and get involved in.