The Official Writing Challenge
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A wonderful reminder of how we are to look at others. Very, very good insight into the topic. Good job!
Beautifully done as usual by a talented writer! Thought this was superb! You never cease to amaze me with your creative insight; always see your wordsmithing as topnotch! Don't ever give up the "writing part" of your life! It's brilliant! You are the only one I know that could fill Lewis Grizzard's shoes. Kudos, my friend, Kudos!
You are the unsung hero, too, brother, and thank you, for being a vessel that God uses to speak on His behalf for the people out there who He sees as the unsung heroes. You write well, brother. Continue to use your writing gift for God.


God's eyes are precious, indeed. Very precious. :)
I'm so glad Marilyn introduced me to your writing. It has such a folksy style, rich with meaning, drawn from everyday life. I relish your depictions of those "ordinary people" who are precious heroes in God's eyes, and who would be to us, too, if only we took the time to SEE. Thank you!