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He certainly lived out his testimony. What an honor to have touched so many lives. A good story. Keep writing!
Nicely written. I hope to see more of your work in the future.
I like it. I like how you showed a hint of the many, many ways we can influence the world around us. Well done!
I didn't like reading about a guy named Bill's funeral...
But, when God says its time, I hoped I was able to touch as many lives as your Bill did. Excellent story, well told and written. God bless.
What a lovely, lovely entry. Keep this kind of writing up and you won't be long in beginners.

Great job, very touching.
I enjoyed reading this. Very nicely written. Good job!
An enjoyable read, and with a message, too. Thank you for sharing this. Nicely done.
Way to go Bear.. Great story of the mans life and testimony. A good message of how ones actions can truly touch the hearts of many. And you did it without foreign languages. ;) Great read.
I was SO engaged in this from beginning to end, and I SO wanted to hear more! I hope you will expand on this at some later time. Wonderful writing!
Congratulations. Inspiring story.
Thanks for sending me this link, Virginia! Look for this charming story to be showcased on the week of January 21.
I'm glad I got the opportunity to read this well-written account of a true Christian. I can only read so many entries on the Challenge per week. Thank you, Jan, for putting it where it can be noticed.
Wonderful piece! You are very polished for a "beginner"!
First of all, Congratulations for placing in your category; secondly Congratulations for being showcased (where I found your article), and thirdy, Congratulations for writing such a wonderful, touching story! Impressive! Enjoyable! and a tribute to Christianity...and to the man who lived up to that title in his everyday life. Kudos!