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I loved this story! Beautifully, vividly written, with great dialogue that effectively gets across the powerful message. I would like to see the German phrases repeated in English, so could understand fully what was being said (though I could guess).

I felt as though I were right there in Nazi Germany. The setting and all the characters came chillingly or beautifully alive. This deserves to place. Great job!
Beautifully written article for such a sad time in history. The portrail of the Pastor and his courage to stand again such showed great depth in your character. I see a much longer story here judt dying to get out.. Good job.
A heartwarming tale of courage in the face of intolerance and adversity. I do agree that I would have liked to have the German words translated but the story is enjoyable as is. Very well done.
Beautiful job! The story was chillingly real in its telling. My only suggestion is, as others have mentioned, some translation of the German. Superb work. Blessings, Cheri
Great description here! I too felt like I was right there. The events seemed to run together a bit in my mind, but that may have just been me. A good read.
I was blessed by the strength and faith of the pastor in your story! I'm glad I know a bit of German, so was able to read some of those words and phrases! :)
Good job!
This truly deserved to place. Everything was great: the feeling, the scene, even the German -- I know Dutch and a little German -- It is a great story.
I know it is a little late to leave a comment, but when I read this, I just had to! Vivdly created. I love the part where he is buying from Herr Goldstein and is resisted. Good choice of a realistic German Jew's name :) The amazing grace of God is what strikes me more than anything else throughout this piece. Thabnks for sharing! (Oh, and I speak German pretty much fluently-so it wasn't a problem for me!)
Effective dialogue, loved the pastor's character, but I wish I had an image of him. Well written story, smart and kept my interest. Good job. God bless.
WOW! A well deserved win! A great first entry, thanks for sharing blessed my day!
WellVirginia, It looks like you started as you meant to go on. You're a fine writer; no wonder you've moved up so fast through the "ranks." This first piece in the challenge is outstanding.
Wow! This is strong not just for a first entry, but for ANY entry! What a talent, my friend!
Nicely written. Good imagery!