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Interesting: When I first began to read, I said, “Oh dear. Where is this one going?” I read on, and you did a very good job on capturing “practice what you preach.” This is a real eye opener, capturing the tragedy of the “hidden sin” of many believers. This is a good piece.
It didn't hold my interest at the begining. This is where you need to capture the reader.
Over all? GOOD WRITING!!
God bless
Very good for pastors are men and imperfect and you conveyed that perfectly.
Good title and a good story. I'm glad he owned up in the end and was able to help someone else, who in turn helped him. This is indeed a very real struggle for pastors today, you did a good job of showing how they do struggle with it and that there is a way out.
I really liked how the lesson was taught, and wouldn't God just do something like that? Reveal hidden sin. It held my interest throughout. I would try and use just a bit less dialogue; otherwise, change nothing. Great job. Blessings, Cheri
The power of accountability! Very nice job. I personally like dialogue and thought you handled it well enough. Your better writing was when you let the characters speak. Keep working and learning. In this story you delivered your messaged effectively and kept my interest. God bless.
You've handled a difficult topic well. I like the way it turned out, but his sudden change of heart in the middle of his conversation with Tim seemed too sudden to me, and I sensed no feeling of remorse after. Aside from that, I liked your work, your writing is great, and it was a good story with a great message.
You held my interest throughout. You conveyed the struggle that not only you, but others experience and how you were able to deal with it. It was a God-given moment that the other pastor came to you with the same problem that gave you the opportunity to resolve it in prayer.
What an awesome message! Great incites, flow and dialogue.

Tighten it up some and you could submit this somewhere as a devotional to get out this website.