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I liked the concept for a "volunteer" of being like the moon, having no light of its own, simply reflecting the greater light.
You write well. I liked this piece. It flowed and came to a nice conclusion. What I might do is drop the first paragraph - I tend to avoid the 'you' parts of articles..I think the next paragraph is strong enough as a start anyways!
Well written, nice start. Keep writing.
Great description and message here. I enjoyed this!
Very nice. I love the comparison of the moon's reflected light to that of a believer reflecting the light of our Lord. Great title, concept and nicely written. Thanks!
I very much enjoyed reading this and thank you for sharing your thoughts! My favorite line was "Despite a howling wind, a warm comforting peace followed and I knew, even in this lesser light, all would be well, because a greater light powered the lesser light." How true and how comforting! :)
Really loved this devotional. It has much meaning packed into it.