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I love this glimpse into another culture - thanks. We take some things so much for granted ... you've reminded us that God is just as real in an arranged marriage (as are the marriages of several of my friends) as in anything else.

I liked the way you described the sari and the heavy gold jewellery etc. That put the reader in the picture. Perhaps more '5 senses' descriptions would put us even more there - the smells, the textures etc.

Great writing!
Very, very nice. What a charming story! I really enjoyed reading this. Good work!
Oh, this was a satisfying entry! I was captivated through the entire piece. It was so diferent and the descriptions of the wedding clothing and jewelrey gave me a good image. I hope you develop this into a longer story after the challenge is over and you don't need to worry about word count. I'd love for it to go on and to tell about their life together as believers and how they handle it!
A really unusual, creative take on the topic - one that I very much enjoyed reading. Thank you.
Wowsers! I love a story set in a differnet country. Very good job. Clear, honest writing. You blessed me.
God bless.
Very nice entry:)This was well put together and carried the reader along wondering of the outcome and feeling the emotions with her. There were a couple of punctuation needs around the dialogue and you might want to capitalize Mother when it stands alone. Otherwise - this was well thought out and creative. Thank you!
This was a good with nice description. I could see her jewelry and clothing. But you can't leave me hanging...was Sanjay a Christian? I hope to see you write more of this.
Oh - you HAVE to tell me if this is true - if this is YOUR story. This was absolutely beautifully told, with wonderful detail and vivid emotion. I can't imagine you'll be in beginners long!
This is great--the prose even has the rhythm and lilt of Indian-accented English as I read. You're a great addition to FaithWriters!
Lovely story. May God bless your writing as you seek His face. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of Indian culture with us.
Oh how beautiful! I'm near tears reading this awesome account of our Father's detailed care of our lives! Thank you for opening the door to a glimpse of life most of us haven't stopped long enough to consider! God bless you! And, welcome to FaithWriters! Such a blessing you are! :)
Shanti, this was really a great peek into Indian culture. Perfect title too. With a bit of polish it'll shine. Good work.
WOW! Quills off to you, Shanti! As a fellow Indian writer(and christian) I'll say this a job well done! Excellent writing, very descriptive words and awesome story-weaving. I noticed a few typos, and a few awkward phrases, but overall a great read and a catchy title! Just a tip, some italics would have helped a bit near the end, such as for her thoughts or God speaking to her.
I really enjoyed reading your story and seeing the young woman's faith in her heavenly Father. Well done! :)
Wow! I kept forgetting I was reading a "beginner" entry. This was an awesome emotional roller coaster ride. I was so sorry for your MC, then was smiling in relief by the end. Very well written - Fabulous job!!!!
Great idea, well formulated and absolutely believable. Great concept! You wrote a wonderful piece. Way to go!