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Excellent piece of writing. You write from the heart, and touched my heart.Good job. Keep up the good work.
This was an excellent, heartfelt piece of writing. I'm not sure how old exactly your son is during this, but I like it that way :) I positively LOVE the last line.
This is beautiful. I can imagine this being said at graduation, or at any special time when a mother reflects on her feelings for her son. You expressed yourself very well.
This is a very delightful piece. So well expressed and definitely a mother's heart. Keep writing. Janie
The first papragraph said so wonderfully the way a mother looks at her son .. or daughter.. from her heart. The words used brought tears to my eyes as I thought of the way I look at my own children. A piece that will touch every mother who reads it!
This is the way I imagine my mother looks at me. She says its so hard to let me go.
This was very well written.
Wonderful, wonderful writing. This is so authentic. Congratulations on your win!
Wow! This is an amazing recounting of the ponderings of your mother's heart.
Very well written. Congratulations on your "deserved" win.
I love, love, love the way you wrote God's personal promises and drew the obvious conclusion that they were for your son, also. Our Father has NO grandchildren!
My mother's heart feels incredibly understood by your article and I thank you.
Please accept this belated congratulations! This article so eloquently captures a mother's heart and captures the heart of every reader! I couldn't have stopped reading if I had even tried. Wonderful!
I felt that I could have written this about my youngest son. How very poignant and beautiful.
This is quite an article! Desrveing of any win. Have you shown this to your son? If my mom ever wrote something like this, I'd be shocked and proud.

"Thanks, you said, shy smiling, blue-eyed boy of mine."

This was the only part of the piece that I found to be almost lyrical...

This works well how it is, no doubt... but perhapse it could be used to produce a little song "from concentrate." I'd say you already have a decent chorus. Just a little somthing to think about, in case your fingers get restless...