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Before anyone starts, I do realize the content mistakes here. I did have a polished and correct version. This is my first entry and I was so nervous about getting is submitted that I loaded the wrong version. Look forwar to hearing ideas about the story.
This story is told very well! I can so relate to the nervousness at the time of submission! I go through it every week! :0) You did a fine job of presenting such an in-depth story in short form! From the heart's perspective, this is such a beautiful story about the value of all human life! It is also a reminder that we still have some very Loving doctors out there.
What an EXCELLENT first entry! Such a moving account and powerful. I was definitely choked up by the end.

And as for any typos, we've all hit that "submit" button and realized seconds later that the story wasn't quite ready for prime time. :o)

I hope you will keep writing on this forum. Thanks so MUCH for passing on this story to us. Kudos to you!
Very touching. I hope you send a copy of this to Dr. Croft - it will make his and his office staff's day.
Oh, how lovely this is! It definitely brought tears to my eyes. A touching and lovely story of how God used this willing servant. Wonderful job!
I made a note to myself when judging to come back and make a comment on this article because it was one that stayw with the reader. Don't apologise for mistakes. This was a great little entry and full of 'heart'. I too lost a sister-in-law to cancer when she was only 22. I wish there'd been a Dr Croft around then! Thank you for sharing such a moving story. Jules