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What a special story. It is, indeed, a precious gift to have someone in our lives that impacted us, to such an extent, that forgetting them would be impossible. Nice job! - Nancy
This was a wonderful story. It's amazing how the effect of such simple kindness to children is remembered so strongly. We should all try to leave such an imprint on those who pass through our lives.
Beautiful tribute to a woman who's footsteps you have followed in. How blessed is the child you pour your love into. How sad that the mother is missing the hugs and kisses that your love has earned. Great writing skills.

You story touched my heart! It called to mind a memory of a dear, sweet lady who my mom had to care for me when she had to work and I was a wee one. I can still remember her afternoon snacks as she watched over me. I haven't thought of her in years! Thanks for the reminder! God bless you in your writing and in your nannying - there are some fortunate wee ones out there now, to have one such as you to watch over them! God bless you, Cheri
i loved your article donna. i too have done the home day care road when my little ones were at home. You make a difference to a childs world every day. I love the way you write. straight from the heart...blessings kazza..
This was well-written and very enjoyable! Though I don't plan on nannying, I will strive to be a "Miss Mary" to my nieces! :-)