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Good job. I liked your story. Your characters are believable, open to vulnerability, and they love God. Again - good job!
This was a great story, it held my attention from the beginning with great character development.
An excellent story and a triumphant ending. Well done!
This is a really good story!Great job!
Very good! Beliveable, smooth dialogue. I'm not sure why this is in beginners.
Certainly packed a lot of story in those words. It read to me, like the outline for a fine novel. I wanted to read so much more about each section. Yet what I read was very good. Nice!
Wow! I loved it!
As a history major, I am excited to see someone who is pursuing the historical I must fight the urge to go and do research. Great job--read smoothly and you had nice 'round' characters.

This has been one of my favorites.
Very, very good. :)
Excellent work! I'm sure I'll see you in the winner's circle.
Excellente! I love historical pieces and this was wonderful. Great character development, descriptions and dialogue made for an entertaining read. Terrific piece.
I agree with the other comments. Inspiring, well-written, thought-provoking!
What a riveting story! So much incredible story in so few words!! Excellent work! Praise the Lord!
Congratulations! Well deserved!
Congratulations! What a great, well-written story!