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A very interesting 'nothing'. Your title caught my attention :)
you have a grate sence of humer. I have tot grade 2 - grate age! *smile*
I like your last few lines very much. They are the reason for the writing challenge; to say whatever words God calls us to say to the best of our ability. Keep writing! Don't give up!
Just a quick comment here, and for those who may read this and be under the same impression. There is no rule in the Challenge that an entry needs to be tied in with "faith." Entries don't need to be overtly Christian or quote chapter and verse of Scripture. In fact, they don't have to have a strong Christian message at all--they just need to reflect a Christian viewpoint of life. In other words, for this topic, it would not be a Christian viewpoint of life to be disrespectful toward the police.

The topics for this quarter all relate to a specific theme, and the police definitely deserve to be included in that list. It is a quite different theme to those we've had in the past, but it will be a very special FaithWriters' book when the quarter comes to an end.

So don't be discouraged. Hopefully knowing that you don't have to literally tie it to a straight scriptural message will help you a little with future topics.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Your "I's" need to be capitalized. Grammar needs a bit of editing, but keep studying; by studying, I mean read other articles, stories and essays, and get the hang of it...then use your own style...and write your thoughts.
Since you shared your thoughts, I thought I'd share mine in responce. :-) The Bible actually talks quite a bit about how God gave certian people the authority to rule and give judgement here on earth. Check Deut 16:18, Isa 31:1, 2 Sam 6:21, Deut 13:5-10, Ex 18:25, Judges 2:18, and Matt 22:21, just to name a few. Thanks for your entry!