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The names were a bit confusing, but the storyline was powerful just the same. Good job. :)
Something I wouldn't have thought of for the word 'police'... Very well done. The police aren't a force for protection everywhere in the world, and there are places where people have to pay, in one way or another, for the freedom to worship God.
A very good story but it's too bad to think it is true. A great reminder for us to be prayer warriors for those who don't have our freedom to worship.
I think this was very well done. I really appreciate it's point and I especially like the line at the end where we consider what Christ paid. Really good job here, thank you.
This was well written. I'm not sure how I feel about the topic. I HATE bribes. I have seen lots of it in Mozambique with the police or border patrol. I detest the idea of perpetuating the problem. Not sure what to think about this situation. But as I said, your story was interesting and well written.
This story made me angry...I am complimenting you, by the way. It evoked an emotion, and that's what you want. How sad for these people to have to bribe the police just to worhsip. Thank you for this well written piece.
Unfortunately, this story to too true. There are many places in the world where faith is only on the edge.
Well written.
Very original and powerful. I think you have a winner! Well written.I love the title.
Oh wow. That was good, especially that last line. Makes me want to smack myself upside the head for all the times I thought I had 'a price to pay'. Awesome job!