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This is a great story of courage and commitment above and beyond the call of duty. It’s well told, holding my attention throughout.
Wow! As a firefighter I can relate to the details in this one. Thankfully all fire calls are not this drastic, but a firefighter never knows what will develop before its all over. Great work in capturing and holding my attention.
Great detail describing the fire, the scene, the character's thoughts. Interesting story, it kept my attention all the way to the end.
Great story! There were a few missing commas and wrong word tenses, but this kept my attention riveted. Keep up the good work!
Wow! I loved this story. A few minor grammar problems, as have been mentioned, but the detail was great. It kept me riveted throughout!
Wow, Chrissy! What incredible detail. I felt the fire, heard the eagle crack the windshield and was relieved with Joe when Marcus appeared.

We've experienced a devastating fire in the valley where we live. Many homes and buildings destroyed, fortunately no loss of life.

You wrote with all of the feeling that we lived with during those intense weeks in 2003.

Well done and keep writing!
An excellent and heartwarming story. This was very well told and it touched my heart.
This was great! Awesome job! I really enjoyed the strong bond between the brothers. :)
Chrissi - this is SO well-told - your description is absolutely wonderfully vivid and detailed. I was especially captivated by the paragraph that began "The fire spread through acres".

A fast paced entry, never sure where we were going next, which works well with the unknown aspects of firefighting.
wow! This packs a punch! Great atmosphere, realistic details - I felt as if I was in the middle! Good, job of writing!
The detail of this piece drew me in, and the tension throughout held my attention. Good job!
Your descriptions dropped me right in the middle of the fire scene. Good job!
Favorite lines: "Fire raged through acres of trees like flaming torches exploding relentlessly throughout the day." and "At his address the smell of burnt losses lingered in the air." Good work!
I have chill bumps! Awesome!
Chrissy - Congratulations on your first place entry! Way to go girl! This is an awesome story. In Christ's Love,

Chrissy!!! Congratulations on your EC win! I am sooo excited for you.

You deserved this one... so, bask in the glow, girl. Looking forward to more of the same..

Luv, Bonnie
Wow, Chrissy!

This is masterfully written!!
Sorry I took so long to comment...You won't be in Beginners anymore...Congratulations on a well-deserved win!!
Chrissy, fantastic job, well done and congratulations!!

:) Karen
Congrats on your EC and first place win! This is a beautiful entry: I savored every word. All of the above and more my friend. Bless you for writing this.
Congratulations on your win, Chrissy!

I celebrate your win with you - Well done! And keep up the good work!
Here you are, famous! With an Editor's Choice and First Place win under your belt, and I am just discovering it all at this belated date! I am certainly impressed with your writing, and it is no wonder this was such a winning entry. Even though it is tardy, I have to say, "Congratulations, Friend!" You do a great job writing.
Thanks for the link, Chrissy! It's easy to see why you moved up in FW so rapidly.
This is a great story and very well told. Lots of detail and action kept me on the edge of my seat. Congrats on your win.
Another great example of writing that shows, not tells. Like all the others, it is no wonder you moved up so quickly. You truly have a gift, thank you for being obedient to the Lord with it! I'm blessed reading your fine work.
What a journey you took us on! The imagery is powerful. I was holding my breath for Marcus to be safe!
Great story. You've really moved up quickly, Chrissy!